Feel my Pulse 1928


Feel My Pulse is a 1928 silent film about a wealthy hypochondriac, played by Bebe Daniels, who inherits a sanatorium and finds love and adventure.

Preserved in the Library of Congress archives






Poor Little Peppina 1916


A little girl is kidnapped by the Mafia in revenge for her father’s help in capturing one of the mobsters. She is presumed dead, but in reality is spirited away to Italy, where she is raised as the daughter of a kindly couple. When she is betrothed to the cruel padrone, she disguises herself as a boy and stows away to America, where she finds herself once again in the clutches of the mobster who originally kidnapped her. But this time luck and her own pluck are with her, and the tables are soon turned.

Director: Sidney Olcott
Produced by: Mary Pickford

A Terrible Night 1896


Released in 1896: A giant spider spoils a man’s plans for a good night’s sleep in this early experimental moving picture show.

Produced by Georges Méliès

Directed by Alfred Zeisler

Written by Georges Méliès

The Actors: Georges Méliès

We Faw Down 1928


Here be Laurel and Hardy in We Faw Down … Stan & Ollie attempt to fool their wives by sneaking out to a poker game, but instead get involved with two flirty ladies, one of whom is the girlfriend of a jealous boxer.

Scherben (Shattered)1921


Set during the winter, the story tells the tale of a track checker and his family who live a poverty-stricken life next to a railway line. They receive a telegram announcing the arrival of the section inspector, who is to live with the family.

With English and French intertitles


Tramp, Tramp, Tramp 1926


Hapless Harry (Harry Langdon) needs enough money to help his father pay rent on the family shoe business, so when attractive Betty Burton (Joan Crawford) suggests he enter a walking race sponsored by her father, Harry hopes to win the grand prize of $25,000. While traipsing across the country, one disastrous incident after another — including a fall from a cliff, a stretch in prison and a deadly tornado — stalls Harry’s progress. Still, the determined young man is intent on being the victor


The Massacre 1912


The Massacre is a 1912 American silent film directed by D. W. Griffith and released by Biograph Studios. The film stars Blanche Sweet and Wilfred Lucas. The film was shot in 1912 and released in Europe that year, but not released in the United States until 1914.

Short 20 in Film concerning the massacre of an Indian village, and the ensuing retaliation.