Holidays – Denmark


First, stop Copenhagen

We stayed in the holiday home of Jeup and Allan which is about 50 minutes drive from the city. Jeup is my partner’s daughter and Allan is her husband.

the mermaid

Well, if you visit Copenhagen a must is a visit to the *Little Mermaid. This Poor misfortunate has in recent times been decapitated twice, had an arm cut off and paint thrown over her on a number of occasions. Amazingly, after all these misfortunes she manages to reincarnate into her former self.

The statue was donated to the city by the brewer Edvard Eriksen of Carlsberg fame.

A note on the plaque states climbing on the monument is forbidden. Interestingly enough nothing is said about hacking limbs off.

To travel is to live.” – Hans Christian Andersen

*The Little Mermaid is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale.

Visit Carlsberg Brewery



One of my friends labelled this picture Steptoe and Son after the British TV comedy series about a London East End rag and bone merchant.

The Brewery garden has some nice sculptures and is worth a visit

rodin 2

Above sculpture by Aguste Rodin titled Meditation


We did not leave without a drink or two

“Fill with mingled cream and amber,
I will drain that glass again.
Such hilarious visions clamber
Through the chambers of my brain.
Quaintest thoughts — queerest fancies,
Come to life and fade away:
What care I how time advances?
I am drinking ale today.”

Edgar Allan Poe

River Cruise

The reason we took the river cruise was we were running short on hours and Allan suggested this was the best way to see the city given the time constraints.

I took a video of the cruise but quality wise it was not good so it’s gone to the bin which really means it needed a lot of editing and I was too lazy to do that.


Above is an incinerator plant smack bang in the middle of the city. Reputed to be the cleanest in the world. The structure you see around the plant which has not yet been finished is going to be a ski slope – Wow


Jazz on the quay side.

Thoughts on cities

All major cities have their sights – Museums, art galleries, historic buildings and so on…  one, really only gets to knows a city by researching, walking and scratching its underbelly and I did not have time for that. What a shame.

A traveller without observation is a bird without wings.” – Moslih Eddin Saadi


Dinner in the holiday home – Good food, good wine, good friends, good times.


The windy part of Northern Denmark – the wind seems to blow forever. We stayed in a holiday home near the town of Lønstrup which was nice and cosy

Lønstrup gets up to about 10,00 visitors per week in high season. In the winter the population drops down to about 500 weather beaten hardy souls

Just south of Lønstrup is the site of the former Mårup Church, a medieval church that is now dismantled due to coastal erosion  Built around 1250, it was originally 1 kilometre from the coast. It is believed the church will be rebuilt in Copenhagen. This has caused outrage within the local area.Time will tell what the outcome will be

Going South from the church is another abandoned structure, the Rubjerg Knude lighthouse. Partially buried in sand, the lighthouse was built at the turn of the 20th century. You can in places near the lighthouse see the outline of buildings now totally covered in sand





The great Danish desert!


The  church before it was dismantled – photo courtesy of  Wikipedia

Below all that remains

church 2 Denmark

The Anchor that you see is that of a British sailing ship that foundered nearby in the eighteen century – It has been moved from the church to the graveyard. In time the graveyard will also have to be moved

On Skagen’s northeastern outskirts, Grenen Beach is where the Skagerrak and the Kattegat seas converge

The Skagerrak is a strait running between the southeast coast of Norway, the southwest coast of Sweden, and the Jutland peninsula of Denmark, connecting the North Sea and the Kattegat sea area, which leads to the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea drains into the Kattegat through the Danish Straits. The sea area is a continuation of the Skagerrak and may be seen as a bay where the two seas converge


This the spot where the two seas meet.  Tan paddling like a female Moses about to create a great watery divide…Let’s walk to Sweden

Sculpture park – Blokhus

A great place to visit and relax.

The park is Denmark’s largest open-air art exhibition. The more than 20.000 m2 park contains sculptures made from materials such as sand, wood, iron, metal, stone and bronze.

I will let some photos do the talking


The images are of Hans Christian Andersen – Interpretation is up to you – let your imagination go to work. The rising of a fairy tale?


The God Thor does battle with the great serpent during a mythic war waged at Ragnarök. Thor slays the dragon and saves the world from destruction but Thor himself has been mortally inflicted with venom from the beast and shortly after dies


Gulliver in the Land of Giants

niall magee

Sculpture by Niall Magee.

In Greek mythology, Minotauros was a creature with a head like a bull and a body like a human.


Quick Impressions of Denmark

A well-manicured country with an outwardly contented and self-satisfied populace.  The jury is out on levels of fun and happiness. However, I will say I had a good time and enjoyed myself. For some weird reason travelling around Denmark, constantly reminded me of the movie the Stepford Wives.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain

The End

PS Airports I had seven flights over the holiday period and I don’t wont to see an airport queue for quite some time.

Holidays Ireland – Out and About 2



The ship

The Dunbrody Famine Ship – New Ross Co. Wexford

The 19th century brought much hardship and strife to Ireland. The oppression of a disenfranchised majority inspired political conflict, and a burgeoning civil rights movement. In 1845 potato blight killed the staple crop of the Irish tenant farmers. This economic blow was exacerbated by the disinterest, and outright hostility, towards Ireland of British politicians. Due to the inaction of Westminster famine ensued. Within seven years, 1 million people had died and 1.5 million had emigrated. A new pattern of mass emigration was in place, and would continue for a century and a half.

It is from this quayside that that President Kennedy’s great grandfather emigrated from Ireland.


For a history of the Dunbrody please click on the following link …


Below are the words of a speech given by the President of the United States John F. Kennedy.

Above me standing on the podium where Kennedy gave the speech. Now what was I saying?


Mr. Mayor:

I first of all would like to introduce two members of my family who came here with us: my sister Eunice Shriver, and to introduce another of my sisters, Jean Smith. I would like to have you meet American Ambassador McCloskey, who is with us. And I would like to have you meet the head of the American labor movement, whose mother and father were born in Ireland, George Meany, who is traveling with us. And then I would like to have you meet the only man with us who doesn’t have a drop of Irish blood, but who is dying to–the head of the protocol of the United States, Angler Biddle Duke.
See, Angle, how nice it is, just to be Irish!

I am glad to be here. It took 115 years to make this trip, and 6,000 miles, and three generations. But I am proud to be here and I appreciate the warm welcome you have given to all of us.

When my great grandfather left here to become a cooper in East Boston, he carried nothing with him except two things: a strong religious faith and a strong desire for liberty. I am glad to say that all of his great grandchildren have valued that inheritance.

If he hadn’t left, I would be working over at the Albatross Company, or perhaps for John V. Kelly. In any case, we are happy to be back here.

About 50 years ago, an Irishman from New Ross traveled down to Washington with his family, and in order to tell his neighbors how well he was doing, he had his picture taken in front of the White House and said, “This is our summer home. Come and see us.” Well, it is our home also in the winter, and I hope you will come and see us.
Thank you.

Note: The President spoke at 11:30 a.m. His opening words “Mr. Mayor” referred to Andrew Minihan, Chairman of the New Ross Urban Council. He later referred to business establishments of New Ross which he could see across the quay from the crowd

The Cliffs of Mohair County Clare

My advise for anyone wishing to visit the cliffs is get their early for it gets very crowded. The last time I was their was about 35 years ago  and that that time one could walk around with ease but not so anymore. My, how life changes.

Great views and many idiots who like to prance around on cliff edges


cliffs 2

cliffs 3

Ardmore Co Waterford

We had lunch in the cliff Hotel which was expensive but nice. The hotel is on a cliff edge and has a nice view across the bay. My daughters Justine and Tamsin treated me

cliff hotel

Justine with her daughter Isabelle


Tamsin with Isabelle

cliff walk

From the hotel their is a 4 kilometre walk along the cliff top which is rather nice

the beach ardmore

Above the beach Ardmore as seen from the hotel.

Waterford Castle – Waterford City

The castle is situated on an Island on the river Suir. They have their own ferry to and from the Island.  It is exclusive, expensive and very nice. Great bar with a knowledgeable barmen…forty different whiskeys – now that’s nice. Lets get started……



me isab jam

Me with two of my grandchildren – Isabelle and Jamie

Well that concludes the holiday in Ireland.

Next up will be some photos from Denmark











Holidays Ireland – Out and About

Birr Castle , Co. Offaly

The residential areas of the castle are not open to the public,though the grounds and gardens of the demesne are publicly accessible.

The gardens are a treat and well worth a visit they are home  to an abundance of rare plants. Within the 50 hectares you will find the world’s tallest box hedges, over 40 champion trees, over 2000 species of plant as well as rivers, lake and waterfalls. It now has plant material collected and subscribed for by 3 generations of the family, as well as some of the most famous plant hunters, past and present. It was the first garden in Ireland to receive specimens of Metasequoia glyptostroboides (Dawn Redwood) after its discovery in China in 1945.

However the centerpiece of all in this demesne is “The Great Telescope” and I quote from their PR blurb

In the early 1840’s, the Third Earl of Rosse designed and built the largest telescope in the world. With this telescope, he discovered the spiral nature of some of the galaxies, and from 1845-1914, anyone wishing to witness this phenomenon had to come to Birr. And they came, in their hundreds, from across Europe and beyond, to observe the stars with Lord Rosse or simply to marvel at this feat of engineering in the middle of Ireland.
This Reflecting telescope remained the largest in the world for over 70 years and is arguably the largest historic scientific instrument still working today. This ‘leviathan’ as it is named, remains in the centre of the Demesne as Ireland’s greatest scientific wonder and represents a masterpiece of human creative genius.
The Science centre demonstrates how the extraordinary telescope, now magnificently restored, was built in the castle workshops by the people of Birr. Scientific instruments are displayed, alongside interactive models to explain how they were used.


Above the telescope

the castle

Birr Castle

In My opinion looks a bit gloomy


My daughter Jenny with her niece Isabelle





Kids Playhouse

From Birr we journeyed to Kinnitty Castle for Lunch. Overall not to interesting


Enough for today more tomorrow

Holidays – Tipperary- Ireland


In the background of the photo below is the mountain of Slievenamon. Up the now overgrown laneway I rented a  small farm house for about five years. Happy times I had their …Big garden all my own fruit and veg, homemade beer and parties. About a 30 minute walk across the fields one reaches the village at Ballypatrick and Gibbs pub at the crossroads –  a nice place for a few drinks. Half up the mountain was Michael Keogh’s pub from which one had a great view across the valley.

This locale is best remembered by the song Slievenamon written by Charles Kickham who was an Irish revolutionary, novelist, poet, journalist and one of the most prominent members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Kickham is best known for his book  “Knocknagow,” or “The Homes of Tipperary” which is a story relating to the life of a peasant farmer but told with humor which is unusual for one a with a subversive bent.

Below is a recording of the song  “Slievenamon” by Irish tenor Frank Patterson.

For the movie “Knocknagow,” click on the following link





Below daughter no 2 Jenny with her husband Martin in the Mountains near Clonmel


Must go now as we have visitors – Maurice and Nat

maurice and nat

To be continued

Holidays -Sligo Ireland

Sligo/Leitrim is the area in which I grew up and as children we used to roam the mountain below which is  called Benbulben.

Picture taken from the Glencar side




Below Glencar Waterfall which served as an inspiration to the William Butler Yeats and features in his poem ‘The Stolen Child’


Two versions of Yeats poem of the Stolen Child


The picture below was sent to me by my youngest brother(R.I.P) not sure if he took the photo or not

Sligo Secrets - Gleniff Horseshoe Drive.clipular

Below Doon Lough

My mothers ashes are scattered on the lakeshore near the pavilion. Literally a place where peace comes dropping slowly




Finally a picture of my surviving brother…The race is on now to see who will last the longest

2017-07-18 17.44.36

More tomorrow



Arrived back from my trip to Europe on Thursday followed by a visit to the hospital this morning for a scheduled checkup. That did not go to well. My old friend The Terminator Mr. Myelodysplastic Syndrome(MDS) has reared it’s head again. My oncologist will review my bloods afresh in one month but more chemo treatment is in sight which equates to sleepy days ahead. I have gone 15 months without treatment so that is not to bad.
In the meantime a big thank you to all my readers for continuing to follow me. Tomorrow I will reply to the various comments made.
Over the next few days I will post a few photographs from the trip.
For now bye,bye …please do continue to enjoy the movies

The Monkey Talks 1927

The Monkey talks 1927

7/10 · IMDb
Fano, a member of a French traveling circus, dresses up as a talking chimpanzee to make money.
Initial release: February 20, 1927
Director: Raoul Walsh
Production company: Fox Film
Cinematography: L. William O’Connell
Screenplay: Gordon Rigby, Elizabeth Pickett Chevalier, Malcolm Stuart Boylan

Stars: Olive Borden, Jacques Lerner, Don Alvarado