The Birth of a Nation 1915

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The Stoneman family finds its friendship with the Camerons affected by the Civil War, both fighting in opposite armies. The development of the war in their lives plays through to Lincoln’s assassination and the birth of the Ku Klux Klan.

Director: D.W. Griffith
Writers: Thomas Dixon Jr. (adapted from his novel: “The Clansman: An Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan”) (as Thomas F. Dixon Jr.), Thomas Dixon Jr. (play) (as Thomas F. Dixon Jr.) |
Stars: Lillian Gish, Mae Marsh, Henry B. Walthall




Doktor X 1916


Felix, an introverted researcher, asks the worldly Dr. Voluntas to guide him toward worldly pleasures. Dr. Voluntas accepts the invitation and leads his laboratory rival down the path of dissipation.

One striking motif is that of a sweeping darkness associated with Voluntas’ control over Felix.

Directed By –

Robert Dinesen

Gunnar Tolnæs Doctor Voluntas
Carlo Wieth Doctor Felix
Johanne Blom Fritz-Petersen Margaret
Henry Seemann Vincent Lieutenant, Margaret’s brother
Betzy Kofoed Sara, Margaret and Vincent’s Aunt
Arne Weel Seidel, medical student
Ellen Møller maid
Agnes Lorenzen


Other titles
Doctor Voluntas [Danish], Le Docteur Voluntas [French], The Master Physician [English], Folly of Sin [English], El Dr. Voluntas [Spanish], Dammon’s Triumphe [German], Under Friendship’s Mask [English], The Victory will [Norwegian], The victorious will [Danish], the will that wins [Swedish]

Danish Silent Movie with English subtitles available

Rilka: Or The Gypsy Queen 1918

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Romance. In Scotland a colonel’s son who has been tortured in Africa is in love with the gyspy girl Rilka, but questions about his courage lead to complications.

Director F. Martin Thornton
Production Company Harma and Company
From a story by Reuben Gillmer

Cast:  Marjorie Villis, James Knight, Bernard Dudley


The Musical Marvel 1917

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The piano player falls in love with the wife of the bad man. The bad man meets the piano player and tells him that his wife is in the east; and so they decide to go and find her, the pianist not realizing who the girl is. Later Ben, the pianist, becomes the leader of the orchestra and gets into a fight with the violinist. The comedy ends with a chase, a wrecked theater and a bomb explosion which sends them all sky high.

—Moving Picture World synopsis

Directors: Ben Turpin, Robin Williamson
Stars: Ben Turpin, Gypsy Abbott, Edward J. Laurie



That model from Paris 1926

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The original Plain Jane story that inspired many copycats. Shy secretary Jane removes her glasses and hat, transforming into a natural beauty. Unsavory characters push her into impersonating a French model. Confusion and romance ensue

Director: Louis J. Gasnier
Writers: Gouverneur Morris (suggested by the story “The Right to Live”), Frederica Sagor Maas (adapted for the screen by) (as Frederica Sagor)
Stars: Marceline Day, Bert Lytell, Eileen Percy

Zan’s butt and the sniper 1915



Also known as Bout De Zan Et L’Embusqué

Next to his well-known thriller serials, Fantomas, Les Vampires and Judex, Louis Feuillade directed a number of short comedies with a little boy called Bout-de-Zan, often wiser than the adults around him. In this episode, filmed in France during WWI, Bout-de-Zan unmasks a hunter who pretends to be a sharp shooter and advises him to enlist to fight the Germans rather than telling tales.

This film is typical of short comedies produced in France at the time. While it only uses a static camera, the outdoor filming and the use of cross-cutting and alternating between full shot and medium shots gives a rather modern look. Child actor René Poyen, acting in a very expressive and natural way, is the main asset of the film. The film also shows how cinema was already used in war time to carry a patriotic message with the call to enlist and fight the Germans. Louis Feuillade had himself been drafted but had been sent back home just before shooting this film because of heart problems

Director : Louis Feuillade
Production company : Gaumont
Producer : Léon Gaumont
Cast : René Poyen
Distributor : Gaumont



The Rose of Rhodesia 1918

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This is one of the earliest feature films made in South Africa

A five-reel romance centred on a stolen diamond, an interracial friendship, and an anti-colonial uprising, The Rose of Rhodesia impressed contemporary reviewers with its daring realism, spectacular outdoor locations, and casting of African actors in prominent roles. Considered lost for most of the last century, the film may claim to be the first fictional treatment of Zimbabwe in cinema.

Now fully restored by the Nederlands Filmmuseum, The Rose of Rhodesia is being streamed together with a new musical soundtrack by acclaimed silent film composer Matti Bye. Accompanying the film is a special issue of Screening the Past, edited by Stephen Donovan and Vreni Hockenjos, in which specialists from a range of disciplines offer the first detailed analysis of this remarkable cinematic discovery.

Director: Harold M. Shaw
Stars: Edna Flugrath, M.A. Wetherell, Chief Kentani


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