Pathe’s Animated Gazette 1st Edition 227 (1913)

Print of the Animated Gazette from 1913. In remarkably good condition.

i) “Motor Grand Prix – Boillot wins the French Motor Derby on a Peugeot car. Average speed 72 miles an hour.” C/U of Boillot and his co driver sitting in their Peugeot. Boillot has a marvellous moustache. Various shots of the race. Cars roar around French streets, through tunnels, under bridges etc.


ii) “The King and Queen amongst the troops” King George V on horseback inspects army vehicles. Queen Mary walks with high ranking army officials – they are also inspecting army vehicles. Various shots of the King and Queen going about their duties. The Queen shakes hands with officials and the King rides alongside an officer, also on horseback.


iii) “Kiel (Germany) The Emperor of Germany on board the vessel “Deutschland” has arrived in our town, in view of the launching of the iron-clad “Kaiser.” Moving shot of a harbour from on board a boat. A launch (the “Deutschland”?) stands alongside the “Kaiser”. Shot of the launch moving away from the larger ship. Shot of the Emperor walking with various dignitaries in front of a very large building in Kiel.


iv) “St Leonards Outrage – Damage estimated at £10,000 was caused by suffragettes firing the residence of Mr Arthur Du Cros M.P.” L/S of the home of Mr Du Cros. People mill around outside surveying the damage. M/S of man climbing a ladder to the roof of the building. He hits a piece of scaffolding with a hammer to loosen it from the building. C/U of smouldering blackened and charred woodwork inside the house.


v) “Trafalgar Square Riot – Some ugly rushes were made to secure the rescue of Miss Sylvia Pankhurst.” High angle of parade of suffragettes making their way through a large crowd of people. The suffragettes carry banners and flags and are accompanied by policemen. Street level shot of mounted police trying to direct crowd. A woman runs to safety accompanied by a male friend. Policemen try to control the crowd, men run in the street. A young boy who looks rather upset is comforted by his father. Two policemen “escort” a man from the scene – perhaps he is under arrest. Sylvia Pankhurst is marched through the street by policemen, another suffragette follows, also escorted by police. High angle of half a dozen buses held up by the crowds in Trafalgar Square.


vi) “The Derby – The Great Race from Start to Finish.” “Arriving for the Race. The scene from the Hill.” Camera pans to show the racetrack from quite a distance in the stands. Good shot of horse drawn carriages and a motorcycle and sidecar arriving for the race. “Arrival of the King.” Crowds wave as the King’s carriage arrives. “The Parade and Canter to the Post.” Low angle shot from behind the heads of row of policemen of the horses and jockeys. High angle shot of the canter to the post (can’t see much). “The Start” – horses line up and jockey for position. Start of the race seen. “At the Bushes.” – horses seen running around a corner. “At Tattenham Corner.” – horses gallop past. End of the race is seen with spectators close to the camera – good shot of man looking at his form book. M/S of jockeys in the paddock.


“Pathe Gazette – The End.” title.


Father Sergius 1918


Father Sergius with English subtitles is a 1918 Soviet silent film directed by Yakov Protazanov and Alexandre Volkoff. It is based on the eponymous story by Leo Tolstoy.
Prince Kasatsky is a just and proud youth, shock and disappointment with the world bring him to church, he becomes father Sergius. It is a story of his piety and temptation.

Directors: Yakov Protazanov, Alexandre Volkoff
Screenplay: Alexandre Volkoff
Music composed by: Y. Bukke
Producer: Joseph N. Ermolieff

Stars: Ivan Mozzhukhin, Olga Kondorova, V. Dzheneyeva


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The Lad from Old Ireland 1910

The lad from old Ireland

Believed to be the  first fiction film shot in Ireland

A boy from Ireland comes to America and makes good, but he doesn’t forget the poverty he left behind. He returns to rescue his sweetheart just as her family is about to be evicted from their land.

Director: Sidney Olcott
Writer: Gene Gauntier
Stars: Sidney Olcott, Gene Gauntier, Thomas O’Connor


The master of the Ironworks 1919

Image result for Il padrone delle ferriere (Itala Film, 1919)


Also known as Il padrone delle ferriere

The Masterof the Ironworks is a 1919 Italian silent drama film directed by Eugenio Perego and starring Luigi Serventi, Maria Caserini and Amleto Novelli. It is based on Georges Ohnet’s play The Maître de Forges. Wikipedia
Initial release : February 25, 1919
Director : Eugenio Perego
Production company : Itala Film
Written by : Georges Ohnet
Cinematography : Antonio Cufaro
Cast : Amleto Novelli , Luigi Serventi , Maria Caserini

<p><a href=”″>Il padrone delle ferriere (Itala Film, 1919)</a> from <a href=”″>Cineteca MNC</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>



La prima biciclette di Robinet (Tweedledum on his first bicycle), 1910

The Robinet-films were produced by “Ambrosio”, Turin and featured Marcel Fabre as Robinet (Tweedledum).
Tweedledum’s attempts to master the bicycle lead him into situations both thrilling and comical, and the ride proves most adventurous. He barely escapes with his life, and causes a mad scramble on the part of pedestrians who cross his path. (Moving Picture World, Oct. 15, 1910)



Robinet aviatore (Tweedledum, aviator), 1911

Image result for Robinet aviatore (Tweedledum, aviator), 1911

The “Robinet” films were produced by the Società Anonima Ambrosio, Turin (Italy) and featured Marcel Fabre in the role of Robinet (Tweedledum).

Tweedledum builds an airship and makes a flight. Chimneys are tumbled down, the fragments striking pedestrians in the street, buildings are wrecked, and finally the machine collapses. His downward flight ends after he has been precipitated through a roof and the floors below, and his career as an aviator ends when the police put him in a cell.

—Moving Picture World synopsis



Drama on the Volga 1913


drama on the volga

This remarkably bleak melodrama was based on a real murder scandal. Natalia, the title character, has fallen in love with Egorov, a young clerk who works in her father’s shop. The patriarchal Bashkirov, however, has already arranged her marriage to one of his colleagues…

Directed by Nikolai Larin

Producer – Grigory Libken

Script-writer – Nikolay Larin

Camera-man – Jan (Janis) Dared

Cast – Actors unknown