Portrait of a Brave Correspondent


Il supplizio dei leoni (USA: A Mexican Mine Fraud; or, The Game That Failed)
R: Eugenio Perego, Luigi Mele. D: Egidio Candiani, Alberto Capozzi, Annibale Durelli, Giuseppe Majone Diaz, Luigi Mele. P: Pasquali e C. It 1914
Ital. titles

“The reporter was always a natural candidate for exotic adventure yarns. So, sending the reporter to war as a correspondent, especially with World War One just around the corner, made perfect sense to filmmakers who were always looking for an untarnished hero. As early as 1898, a very short film shows about a dozen war correspondents from different New York newspapers rushing to a cable office to file their stories (War Correspondents, 1898). Often a war correspondent was thrown into a film as a minor character without explanation since the silent film audiences were well acquainted with what war correspondents did. (…)
War correspondents were among the most heroic…

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