Maciste – The First Superhero


R: Luigi Romano Borgnetto, Vincenzo Denizot. B: Agnes Fletcher Bain, Giovanni Pastrone. K: Augusto Battagliotti, Giovanni Tomatis. D: Bartolomeo Pagano, Ada Marangoni, Amelia Chellini, Didaco Chellini, Arline Costello, Louise Farnsworth, Leone Papa, Clementina Gay, Robert Ormand, Leone Papa. P: Itala Film. It 1915
Print: Cineteca di Bologna / EYE

“The phenomenon known as Maciste was first introduced in the film Cabiria (1914), the most famous of all the early Italian epics. This immensely popular blockbuster was nearly upstaged by one character, Maciste the Nubian slave, portrayed by Bartolomeo Pagano. Maciste proved so popular and charismatic that Pagano was showcased in his own film the following year, Maciste, and a series of Maciste productions would continue through the silent era. In this, Pagano’s second appearance as Maciste, the line between character and actor blurs. The heroine, in need of a hero, hides from her pursuers in a movie theater…

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