Billy Bitzer Among the Clouds


Automobiling Among the Clouds
K: G. W. Billy Bitzer. P: American Mutoscope and Biograph Company. USA 1904
Print: Library of Congress (Paper Print Collection)
Location: Mount Washington, New Hampshire

“Motion Pictures From The Library of Congress Paper Print Collection 1894-1912”, University of California Press, p. 237 notes: “The title does not indicate that this a race”. That’s correct. There are sources, however, which indicate that the event filmed by Bitzer has been the 1904 Auto Race On Mt. Washington:

“Interestingly, at least three of the early Biograph movies were shot on Mt. Washington, or nearby. The earliest of the three, a short film by the Biograph Company, of the Fabyan House coach at the summit of Mt. Washington, apparently no longer exists, or if it does, its location is unknown.  It’s existence is known only from articles about it in ‘Among The Clouds’. However, copies of the other two exist…

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