The Last Man on Earth

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The United States’ first all-out sci-fi film, released in 1924, imagines what the world would look like if all men (but one) had been wiped out by a virus, leaving women to run the world. With such a ridiculous premise (a woman president!) this is naturally a comedy. 

The Last Man on Earth. 1924, USA. Directed by John G. Blystone. Written by: Donald W. Lee, John D. Swain. Starring: Earle Fox, Grace Cunard, Derelys Perdue. IMDb score: 6.2. Tomatometer: N/A. Metacritic: N/A. 

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It is nothing short of a culture scandal that the first US science fiction feature film STILL hasn’t had any sort of home video or online release. There’s a perfectly good copy of the film sitting in the archives of MoMa in New York, and it’s even dragged out every now and then for film festivals and exhibitions. Bur for some reason MoMa…

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