Top 10 Sci-Fi Films Pre-1910

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1895 is generally considered the the starting point for the movies as a mass medium, and sci-fi films were part of the staple diet from the very beginning. Here’s a list of the ten best science fiction (or proto-sci-fi) movies made between 1895 and 1909. Do you agree or disagree? What film did we miss? Please leave a comment below the article or on our Facebook page. 

10. The Airship Destroyer


An action-packed British short from 1909 depicting future warfare with missiles and airships. Walter Booth directs with typical energy and audacity and some of the physical effects are very impressive for their time. Booth was one of the early pioneers of British cinema, pushing the envelope on a paper-thin budget. The story depicts an aerial invasion of Britain, and a lone inventor developing a propellered missile with which to strike. Despite the short running time, there’s also room enough…

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