Tom Mix, Cowboy Actor


Saved by the Pony Express
R: Francis Boggs. D: Tom Mix, Thomas Carrigan. P: Selig Polyscope Company. USA 1911
Print: EYE
Dutch titles

“Our first scene shows cowboys and their sweethearts, enjoying a quadrille on horseback. ‘Happy Jack’ rides off with Belle Archer, the sweetheart of Jim. Jim, furiously angry, attacks Happy and the cowboys, taking Jim’s pistol from him, hustle him out of the bunk-house. Later the pistol falls to the floor and explodes, the bullet striking and killing Happy, who is alone. The brave fellow writes on a piece of paper before he dies, ‘I shot myself accidentally, Jack.’ A gust of wind blows the note into a corner, Jim entering, is discovered examining his revolver over the dead man, and is accused of murder. Later, we see Jim on trial for his life. The lame cowboy finds the last message of Happy Jack. He limps out to…

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