A Mesmerian Experiment 1905

Despite the title, it really has nothing to do with hypnosis

Like so many of Méliès’ films, this one finds him playing the role of a magician–a common thing since in real life he was a stage magician. Here he’s heavily disguised with fake hair and a HUGE beard and a period costume. He makes a group of women appear and they dance about. Nothing is particularly noteworthy about their dancing. Then, he makes another lady appear and she does some amazing acrobatic dancing–all while wearing an outfit that sure makes this look impossible! No, this wasn’t magic–she was just very, very limber!

In the end, he does what any man would do in this situation–he turns them into ducks!


Le baquet de Mesmer (original title) also known as

Director: Georges Méliès

Author: Old Boy

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