The Astronomer’s Dream 1898

La lune à un mètre (original title)

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Review by claire diane

Melies’ fascination with celestial bodies as dream invading, devouring, constantly masticating alien faces is still profoundly horrifying to this very moment and a truly singular cinematic obsession & i know it’s probably trite to say, but i am equally obsessed with the stone castles, corridors, hallways, and suggestively labyrinthine structures in which so many of his fragments take place, and esp. here the dissolving wall thru which the grotesque moon escapes ::: some dark sky above a dark sea, the astronomer a kind of hermit wizard. the trappings fascinate me, as much as satan and ghosts in haunted castles. suggestion and dream.

Director: Georges Méliès
Production company: Star Film Company
Screenplay: Georges Méliès
Producer: Georges Méliès
Cast: Georges Méliès


Author: Old Boy

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  1. That is the best quality print I’ve seen of this film to date. I wonder if you could recommend the best DVD collection of Georges Méliès’s films? There are numerous editions and I’m confused as to which one to buy.


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