What Made Her Do It? 1930

Nani ga kanojo o sô saseta ka (original title) – Japanese film with English subtitles

what made her do it

“What Made Her Do It?”,  was based upon a popular Shingeki play is regarded as important as representing the “keiko eiga” or “tendency film”. It portrays the oppression by a capitalist society of the unfortunate Sumiko, who is finally driven by desperation to commit arson.

Considered the most famous (or notorious) example of the “leftist tendency” film (keiko eiga) of this era of Japanese film history. It was enormously popular at the time of its release.

Directors: Shigeyoshi Suzuki, Yoneo Ota

Production Co: Teikoku Kinema Engei
Writers: Seikichi Fujimori (play), Shigeyoshi Suzuki (screenplay)
Stars: Keiko Takatsu, Rintarô Fujima, Yôyô Kojima


Author: Old Boy

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