The Hero of Tokyo 1935

the hero of toyko

The story focuses on the widower Nemoto, ostensibly a businessman, who has one son, Kanichi, the hero of the title. Nemoto remarries; his new wife is a widow with a son and daughter of her own. However, Nemoto’s business turns out to be out a shady scam, and he disappears, leaving his wife to raise the three children alone. In order to support the family, she is obliged to become a bar hostess. She conceals this shameful employment from the children, but the truth comes out years later, after her daughter is rejected by her husband’s family when they investigate her background

Initial release: 1935
Director: Hiroshi Shimizu
Cinematography: Hiroshi Nomura
Production design: Yonekazu Wakita
Cast: Mitsuko Yoshikawa, Tomio Aoki, Kōji Mitsui, Mitsugu Fujii, Yukichi Iwata, Mitsuko Ichimura, Michiko Kuwano, Bakudankozo


Author: Old Boy

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