Filibus 1915


Filibus is an 1915 Italian silent adventure film directed by Mario Roncoroni and written by Giovanni Bertinetti. Wikipedia

A woman criminal, an air pirate,the Baroness Troixmonde (Filibus) who commits her thefts, etc. and then retreats to the safety of her zeppelin! In a wonderful early feminist plot element, Filibus’s “airship is manned by a staff of mask-wearing, black-skin-suit-clad male lackeys who instantly obey the Baroness’ every command.” The hapless Detective Hardy, puny male that he is, is no match for Filibus!
Initial release: March 1915 (Italy)
Director: Mario Roncoroni
Story by: Giovanni Bertinetti
Cinematography: Luigi Fiorio
Cast: Cristina Ruspoli, Mario Mariani, Giovanni Spano

Author: Old Boy

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