Max and Dog Dick (Max et son chien Dick), 1912

Max and his dog

Pathe comedy by Max Linder, starring Max Linder, Jane Renouardt, Henri Bosc.
Premiered in Vienna on Feb. 9, 1912, released in France on April 12, 1912.

“[Hanni] is a young lady with two strings to her bow, but she fails to determine which most meets with her approval. Finally she begs Max and Bertie to draw two strips of paper. Max draws the longer one and marries [Hanni]. After marriage, [Hanni] wishes he had not. Max discovers her writing a loving note to somebody, and has strong suspicions that it is Bertie. He instructs Dick, his dog, to keep a watch over his wife, and on the first approach of a masculine visitor, to telephone him over the private wire to his office. The dog obeys his instructions literally. The coming of Bertie is the signal for Dick to unhook the receiver and to bark loudly into the telephone. Max hastens home and finds Mrs. Max in Bertie’s arms. He says nothing, but tells Dick to bring their hats, and coldly points to the door, The culprits depart like whipped children, and from this day onwards Max settles down to a happy bachelor life, with Dog Dick to keep him company.” (The Bioscope, Feb. 22, 1912)



Author: Old Boy

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