Eternal Heart 1929

eternal heart

Also known as

Fue no shiratama and Das unverwuestliche Herz

The great Kenji Mizoguchi once said that Ozu and him made movies by hard work. “But Shimizu is a genius.” Born in 1903, the same year as Ozu, Hiroshi Shimizu directed his first film at 21 and is credited with directing 163 films during a career that ran from 1923 to 1959

Eternal Heart (also known as Undying Pearl) is Shimizu’s oldest surviving film, but his 56th directorial effort. It tells the story of Toshie (Emiko Yagume, who appeared in a number of Ozu’s pre-war films) who works as a secretary and is in love with her fellow co-worker Shozo. But the young man is more interested in Toshie’s sister Reiko who wears Western clothes and seems generally more appealing to him. Toshie selflessly promotes the relationship while being courted by her elderly boss Katayama. When Reiko begins flirting with other men because she grows increasingly bored with her marriage, Toshie tries to fix the relationship but ultimately fails. Never fully realizing what kind of feelings Toshie harbors for him, Shozo leaves Japan for the United States – alone.

Director: Hiroshi Shimizu
Writers: Kan Kikuchi (story), Tokusaburo Murakami
Stars: Jun Arai, Satoko Date, Yôko Fujita


Author: Old Boy

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