Max, the Heartbreaker 1917

max the heart breaker

Max entre deux feux (original title)

Pathe comedy, written and directed by Max Linder. Cast: Max Linder, Marcelle Leuvielle.
The film premiered in France on May 4, 1917 and was released in the U.S. on July 1, 1917.
“Max Linder is seen in a two-reel comedy that combines the scenic beauty of the Riviera with humor of the sort that has made Max famous. Some of the scenes are truly beautiful. The comedy element is rather slow in coming, but when it comes Max gets over a full share of laughs. The story tells of two girls crazy over Max and who later fight a duel over him. But Max gets one of the bullets. Some scenes in the doctor’s office are quite funny.” (Moving Picture world,


Author: Old Boy

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