Max speaks English 1913

Max Speaks English

Pathe comedy by Max Linder. Cast: Max Linder, Cecile Guyon, Louis Baron
Premiered in Berlin on Dec. 25, 1913.
UK title: Max and the daughter of Albion, rel.: Jan. 22, 1914.

“Scene, a first-class railway carriage. Max and delightful girl alone. “May I smoke?” breaks the ice, and then Max brings all the arts of fascination to bear on the lady, who is by no means shy. Max calls next day. Her father is in the enamel bath and geyser line. Max is making love; a customer enters. Girlie hides Max in portable shower bath. Enter father, who is a good salesman. He turns on the shower – and Max. What a delightful comedian Linder is.” (The Bioscope, Nov. 22, 1917)



Run time 10 minutes 11 seconds


Author: Old Boy

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