The little vixen (Petite rosse), 1909


Pathe comedy by Camille de Morlhon with Max Linder and Arlette d’Umes.
Released in the US on March 28, 1910 – UK title: A Tantalising Young Lady

“Mr. Max Linder [is] an ardent suitor for the hand of a somewhat rampageous young lady. The gentle Max suffers sadly from her rough treatment, but at length he extracts the promise that she will marry him when he has learned to juggle with three balls. With his usual delightfully unquenchable enthusiasm, the impetuous youth rushes home and soon wrecks his apartment with amateur legerdemain, but with no satisfactory results. Suddenly a bright thought comes to him, and hurriedly he writes a note to the fair damsel, declaring that at last he is in a position to claim her. The girl and her father arrive, and Max disappears behind a screen to demonstrate his agility with the balls. They are tossed with much success, and things promise well until the maiden suddenly rises, overturns the screen, and discloses a professional juggler, whose services the deceitful lover has enlisted to perform the difficult feat. We need not dissert upon the humour of the subject, which is always assured when Mr. Linder is acting.” (The Bioscope, Nov. 4, 1909)

Note: The title of this print “Max Jongleur par Amour (Juggling for Love)” is probably a re-release title, for there is no film with that title in the Pathe catalog. The description of the plot, down to the wording of the intertitles, identifies it as “Petite rosse”. The film was originally also released in Pathecolor.


Run time 6 minutes 42 seconds


Author: Old Boy

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