The False Max Linder (Un idiot qui se croit Max Linder), 1914

the false max l

Comica/Pathe production, written and directed by Romeo Bosetti. Starring Jules Vial, Romeo Bosetti.

“A somewhat original comic trifle, dealing with the endeavours of an imitation Max Linder to win fame by the methods of the great original. Needless to say, he is a very inferior imitation and, his spuriousness having been discovered, he suffers badly at the hands of those he has attempted to deceive.” (The Bioscope, Oct. 15, 1914)



Note: Although the film was made by Romeo Bosetti as part of the “Gaetan”-series, and Linder features only in an excerpt from one of his films; due to the title, it was regarded as being a part of the Max Linder filmography, right from the first release.
An interesting side note: Jules Vial was not the only impostor seen in this film. The publicity photos, used in the film, showed neither Max Linder nor Jules Vial, but the actor Andre Sechan. He was about to start a career as a Max “double” at the time of this film.



Author: Old Boy

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