Max and the Donkey (L’ane jaloux), 1912

Max and the donkey

Pathe comedy, written and directed by Max Linder.
Cast: Max Linder, Joe Dawson and Paulette Lorsy
Premiered in Vienna on May 3, 1912, released in France on July 5, 1912

“Joe[,] is represented as being engaged to a pretty girl, who is accustomed to take a ride on her donkey every day. Max writes to the girl for an appointment. Joe decides to teach Max a lesson, and one morning plays the part of the donkey. His fiancée rides on his back when she goes to meet Max. The donkey constantly edges his head in, and pushes Max off the park seat. Having frightened his unfortunate victim into taking to his heels, he gives chase very realistically. He tracks Max to the roof of a pile of flats, is induced to jump into space after him, and pommels his body when he comes upon him in the street. Max is now quite readily made to incite and sign a quaintly worded statement, to the effect that he will never make love to the donkey’s mistress again.” (The Bioscope, May 16, 1912)

Note: Apparently the film only survives without titles. A French version currently available, “made up” some intertitles, which make very little sense and disregard the plot, given in the Pathe catalog and in Trade papers of the time (e.g. The Bioscope). For this upload, German intertitles, which survive on a censorship card (No.:17588; Berlin, April 27, 1912) are the basis for the English translation.

Author: Old Boy

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