All Avenges Itself 1917

all avenges itself

Allt hämnar sig (original title)

“Everyone Avenges Themselves”. At the instigation of Louis Berger, Henry Rogers is falsely accused of having embezzled a large sum of money and sentenced to prison. As a convict in the prison quarry, he becomes good friends with the warden’s son, Allan. Lille Allan believes in Henry’s innocence and help him escape.


This is a lesser Swedish film from the 1910s with a equally little known Finish director called Konrad Tallroth, who directed just over a dozen films during the teens and early 20s before he passed away in 1926.

Director: Konrad Tallroth
Writers: Georg Bodmer, Bertil Malmberg
Stars: Greta Almroth, Josua Bengtson, Albin Lavén

Author: Old Boy

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