Max makes a touch 1910


Max and Mick, two brothers, have prepared for a merry spree and are actually stepping into their cab when it occurs to them they are penniless. Lots are drawn to see who shall beard stern father and make the necessary touch. The choice falls on Max who is far from successful in his mission, and he communicates the bad news to his brother Mick, who after thinking announces that he has an idea. One disguises as a thief and the other as a policeman. The thief holds up his parents as they leave the house, but the constable puts him to flight and receives a handsome reward. Their parents out of sight they discard their disguises, divide the reward and proceed out to enjoy themselves.
– Written by Moving Picture World synopsis

Director: Louis J. Gasnier
Writer: Max Linder
Star: Max Linder



Author: Old Boy

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