Max Wants a Divorce 1917

Max wants a divorce

Max gets into trouble at the altar. He has just kissed his bride when he espies over her shoulder a pretty girl sitting in a front pew. Max cannot help giving her a wink. His bride sees him. They continue the battle in their honeymoon apartment. After all the furniture is broken up they decide to break up housekeeping, even before they have started. Mrs. Max agrees that her flirtatious spouse shall compromise himself with the girl in the pew so she can get a divorce. Max leases an apartment, invites the girl to meet him there, then tips off Mrs. Max to raid them with detectives. But Max and the girl mistake the apartment and get into a private sanitarium for lunatics. The professor chucks them into padded cell No. 89 with a dozen crazy people. Mrs. Max and her detectives make the same mistake. All of them come face to face in No. 89. The girl berates Max for getting her into such a mess. Max and his bride look at each other, then at the crazy people. They decide life might be worse and fall into each other’s arms. Max doesn’t want a divorce, after all.
– Written by Moving Picture World synopsis

Director: Max Linder
Screenplay: Max Linder
Production company: Essanay Studios

Stars: Max Linder, Martha Mansfield, Helen Ferguson


Author: Old Boy

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