The Hypocrites 1915



The Hypocrites


The film follows the parallel stories of an early Christian ascetic and a modern minister, with most actors in dual roles. Gabriel (Courteney Foote) is a medieval monk who devotes himself to completing a statue of “Truth,” only to be murdered by a mob when his work turns out to be an image of a naked woman. The contemporary Gabriel is the pastor of a large wealthy urban congregation for whom religion is a matter of appearances, not beliefs. The hypocrisy of the congregation is exposed by a series of vignettes in which the Naked Truth, literally portrayed by a nude Margaret Edwards, reveals their appetites for money, sex and power.
Initial release: January 1915
Directors: Lois Weber, Nate Watt
Box office: 119,000 USD (U.S.)
Budget: 18,000 USD
Producer: Hobart Bosworth

Courtenay Foote – Gabriel, the Ascetic
Myrtle Stedman – The Woman
Herbert Standing – The Abbot
Adele Farrington – The Queen
Margaret Edwards (1877–1929) – The Naked Truth
Charles Villiers – the Minister[2]


Author: Old Boy

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