Cainà: The Island and the Continent 1922


Cainá is a young peasant who lives in a small village in Sardinia together with her goats and parents. She is a wild and free spirit and unconventional for any small and closed communities dominated by old rules. Cainà yearns to escape from such a closed atmosphere and the isolated island, so, as an old tune says: “Somewhere beyond the sea, somewhere, waiting for me…”; When a boat arrives to the island, she will do her best to flee away from her little oppressing village and experience new adventures in the continent with the help of the boat captain.

This Movie has english subs

Director: Gennaro Righelli
Writers: Maria Jacobini (story), Adriano Piacitelli (story)
Stars: Maria Jacobini, Carlo Benetti, Ida Carloni Talli


Author: Old Boy

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