Paths to Paradise 1925

paths to paradise

The Dude from Duluth (Raymond Griffith) enters a seedy bar in San Francisco’s Chinatown, where saucy confidence trickster Molly (Betty Compson) quickly swindles him out of every dime he has. But when he flashes a detective badge, Molly gives up her entire haul as a bribe, not realizing he’s a fellow con man. Later, the pair team up to steal a priceless piece of jewelry, but, as they’re being chased to the Mexican border, Molly regrets her life of crime and endeavors to go straight.
Initial release: June 29, 1925
Director: Clarence G. Badger
Distributed by: Paramount Pictures
Initial DVD release: February 24, 2009
Producers: Jesse L. Lasky, Adolph Zukor
Stars: Betty Compson, Raymond Griffith, Tom Santschi


Author: Old Boy

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