The Dancers 1925

The dancers 1925

Young Tony, unable to make a living in crowded and fast-paced London, goes to South America in search of his fortune. He soon becomes the owner of a saloon and dance hall. One of the dancers in his place, Maxine, falls in love with him, but Tony is still in love with his childhood sweetheart Una, although Una is now a “party girl” back in London and has forgotten about Tony. However, Tony comes into an unexpected inheritance, along with a title, and returns to London for Una. Although disappointed with Una’s current lifestyle, he asks her to marry him despite her “indiscretions”. However, the night before they are to be married Una confesses a deep, dark secret to Tony that could change their lives forever.
– Written by

Director: Emmett J. Flynn
Writers: Edmund Goulding, Viola Tree (play)
Stars: George O’Brien, Alma Rubens, Madge Bellamy

Author: Old Boy

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