In Love with the Bearded Woman 1919

The bearrded lady

Pathé comedy with Max Linder
We have here yet another adventure of the sprightly Theodore, whose destiny seems much bound up with beards. This time it is he who succumbs to the fascinating hair, falling in love with a “bearded lady” at a fair. Her charms move him so greatly that he is induced to join the troupe with whom he is to play the part of “performing bear,” doing antic gambles clad in a bearskin. Whilst he is caressing the beard, however, it comes off in his hand, and he perceives that it is an imposture. Disillusioned and filled with grief he rushes from the scene, still wearing the skin, and causes panic wherever he goes. Back into the bosom of his family the enraged showman follows him, but he is protected by maternal arms and the intruder routed. (The Bioscope, Aug. 26, 1909)




Author: Old Boy

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