The Devil’s Circus 1926

The Devils circus

The Devil’s Circus is a 1926 silent drama film directed by Danish director Benjamin Christensen, based upon his screenplay. The film stars Norma Shearer and Charles Emmett Mack. It was the first of seven films directed by Christensen in the United States, and one of only four of those films that have not been lost.

Mary and Carlstop are lovers; the former is a trapeze artist, while the latter is a pickpocket. Mary gets entangled in a nearly fatal situation with Lieberkind, a lion-tamer, and his jealous wife Yonna, who victimizes Mary.

Director: Benjamin Christensen
Writers: H.H. Caldwell (titles), Benjamin Christensen (screenplay)
Stars: Norma Shearer, Charles Emmett Mack, Carmel Myers


Author: Old Boy

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