Opus II 1921

opus 2

“Ruttmann’s visual style is considered to be more playful and impressionistic than Eggeling’s and Richter’s and produces an overall painterly feel both in technique and in the use of screen, colour and movement. Indeed, his technical methods were also painterly and would have had a definite bearing on the resulting imagery. His Opus films have been described as paintings that move in time. While Richter and Eggeling focussed on figures, forms and time relationships between visual elements, Ruttmann focussed on a more expressive visual aesthetic for his imagery. He exploited ‘movement and colour to create choreographies, where entrances and exits, collisions and complementary trajectories establish a linear, cumulative scenario or development in which new configurations, colours and shapes appear right to the last moments of the film’.” (Jennifer Valcke, Static Films and Moving Pictures: Montage in Avant-Garde Photography and Film, p173)

Animation, Short

Director: Walter Ruttmann


Author: Old Boy

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