Blue Bottles 1928

Blue bottles 1928

A rare early silent movie short starring Elsa Lanchester with a cameo from Charles Laughton. Sadly, Elsa’s Buster Keaton-esque charm was never again utilised. This Ivor Montague directed/H.G.Wells scripted comedy arrived at the very tail end of the silent era and talkies were just around the corner…

As criminals assemble for a convention, a policeman investigates and is abducted. A young woman finds his whistle and blows it. The full forces of the law assemble. The confrontation between order and disorder ensues, with our heroine caught up in it.

Director: Ivor Montagu
Writers: Frank Wells, H.G. Wells (story)
Stars: Elsa Lanchester, Joe Beckett, Dorice Fordred



Author: Old Boy

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