Bed and Sofa 1927

bed and sofa

7.7/10 · IMDb
Moscow’s housing shortage provides a comic foil for several Muscovites in this early comedy from Russia.

A married couple have a small apartment in Moscow. When an old friend of the husband arrives in the city, he is unable to find lodgings. Kolia, the husband, invites his friend to move in with them. While Kolia is away on business, sensual Liuda and attractive Volodia fall in love and have an affair. After his initial outrage, the husband calms down. Kolia winds up on the sofa, and the three settle into a menage-a-trois until the wife finds herself pregnant. The two men are trying to decide what to do, but Liuda is strong enough to make her own decisions.
Initial release: 1927 (Germany)
Director: Abram Room
Cinematography: Grigori Giber
Produced by: Lenfilm
Cast: Vladimir Fogel, Nikolai Batalov, Lyudmila Semyonova, Mariya Yarotskaya, Leonid Yurenyov, Yelena Sokolova
Screenplay: Abram Room, Viktor Shklovsky


Author: Old Boy

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