The Suburban Vicar 1917

suburban priest

Förstadsprästen (original title)

The film premiered on September 3 1917 at cinema Sture and Brunkeberg Theatre in Stockholm . The film was shot at the Hasselblad studio on Otterhällan in Gothenburg with exteriors from Gothenburg by Carl Gustaf Florin.

One of over 30 movies directed by Georg af Klercker during the 1910s in Sweden. And it’s a well told film giving us good insight to the story and characters, yet doing so with a limited story material. In short it’s about a priest, coming from a good background, who helps a hurt prostitute letting her sleep in his apartment over the night. Only for her to sell the story to the newspapers and insinuate that something naughty has happened. This causes the family name to be dragged in the dirt and problems with his sweet innocent fiancé. And it all ends with a court room climax where the prostitute and the fiancé meet face to face. Not exactly enough happening for a feature length film, but very well structured for a 1917 production.

Director: Georg af Klercker
Writer: Harriet Bloch
Stars: Gabriel Alw, Georg Blickingberg, Lilly Gräber



Author: Old Boy

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