The Godless Girl 1928

the godless girl

The Godless Girl (1928) is a drama film directed by Cecil B. DeMille, shown for years as his last completely silent film.

This drama features a romance between two different teenagers: a young atheist girl, Judith Craig, and the male head of a Christian youth organization, Bob Hathaway. The two leaders and their groups attack each other, starting a riot that kills a young girl. Followed by a goofy boy, Bozo, the three are thrown into a juvenile prison with a cruel head guard and bad living conditions. The film maker makes a point of talking about the truth of prison cruelty in the middle of the movie.

Bob, who is in love with Judy, eventually rescues her and takes shelter in an old farm where Judy, breathtaken by the romance and beauty of the forest, realizes there must be a God. They are found and taken back to prison and held in solitary confinement until a fire breaks out. Mame is Judy’s new friend who is trying to get her out before she burns. But the rest of the prison girls escape. Bob, who is trusting in God to help them, finally rescues Judy with the help of Mame and Bozo; they also rescue the cruel head guard who pleads for his life and, as he is dying, sets them free for their kind act and rescue. At the very end, Bozo and Mame seem to end up together while Bob and Judy and their rekindled faith ride off together as the movie ends.

Director: Cecil B. DeMille
Writers: Jeanie Macpherson (story), Beulah Marie Dix (titles)
Stars: Lina Basquette, Marie Prevost, Tom Keene

The film below is the 1928 silent version. Ignore the fact that it says 1929.


Author: Old Boy

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