Just Rambling Along 1918

just rambling along

Just Rambling Along is a 1918 American short silent comedy film featuring Stan Laurel. The film is Laurel’s earliest surviving work and the first project he did with film producer Hal Roach, who later put out a large portion of the Laurel and Hardy films.

A nervy young man follows a pretty lady into a diner to flirt with her, but winds up getting stuck with the tab.

Director: Hal Roach
Stars: Stan Laurel, Clarine Seymour, Noah Young

Author: Old Boy

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3 thoughts on “Just Rambling Along 1918”

  1. Thanks for posting – this was delightful, all of it. The “stick-up”, the guy flipping the hamburgers, the stuffing of the pockets. The no-win ending was terrific, too!


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