The White Sister 1923

The White sister

After her father, Prince Chiaromonte (Charles Lane), dies in a freak accident, Angela Chiaromonte (Lillian Gish) finds out that her jealous half-sister, the Marchesa di Mola (Gail Kane), has invalidated her claim to an inheritance. When news arrives that the man they both love, Capt. Giovanni Severini (Ronald Colman), has died in battle on the Middle Eastern front, a penniless Angela enters the convent and resigns herself to a life of piety — until a mysterious message changes everything.
Initial release: 1923
Director: Henry King
Music composed by: Joseph Carl Breil
Story by: Francis Marion Crawford
Producer: Henry King

Stars: Lillian Gish, Ronald Colman, Gail Kane

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Author: Old Boy

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