The Isle Of Love 1922

The isle oflove

Originally planned as a WW1 movie staring female impersonator Julian Eltinge called “Over the Rhine”, this film was shelved when armistice was declared. It was recut as “An Adventuress” in 1920 after the scandalous death of Virgina Rappe and finally, as this version in 1922 to capitalize on the new found fame of the previously unknown Rudolph Valentino. The plot is nonsensical and several shots of Valentino are reused, even when he is obviously not in the room the other stars are in. The original, sensible cut of this film is now lost.

Still an interesting piece of history, though for a proper judgement of Valentino’s acting “Son of the Sheik” or “Blood and Sand” are a better fit.

Director: Fred J. Balshofer
Produced by: Fred J. Balshofer
Cinematography: Tony Gaudio
Screenplay: Fred J. Balshofer, Thomas J. Geraghty, Charles A. Taylor

Starring Julian Eltinge, Virginia Rappe and Rudolph Valentino



Author: Old Boy

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