Out Of Order 1916

out of order

Musty Suffer, yearning earnestly for a quiet, easy and reposeful job, calls upon his fairy to provide it for him. He is taken to an amusement arcade where he is hypnotized by one of the freaks in the show, provided with a gorgeous uniform in a jiffy and assigned to the job of ticket taker, chief janitor, book black, “spieler,” hat cleaner, target in a shooting gallery and superintendent of an escalator. In addition to those few duties Musty was assigned to run chores and entertain the freaks in the museum. Musty finds great pleasure in working the escalator leading to the motion picture theatre but the “bouncing” of patrons who fail to go through the formality of buying tickets is one of his chief difficulties, but one which he overcomes promptly when he discovers the reverse action of the escalator. Musty also has several discouraging adventures with the wild man, the lion, the bearded lady, etc., which escape periodically from the museum or the menagerie, but meets each emergency in some ingenious way


Director: Louis Myll
Stars: Harry Watson, George Bickel, Dan Crimmins


Author: Old Boy

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