Musty’s Vacation 1917

Musty's vacation

The Mishaps of Musty Suffer was a series of comedy shorts released weekly, in three series of ten films, from 1916-17. It was popular, successful and well-reviewed…and yet it is almost completely forgotten today. Playing Musty Suffer was Ziegfield Follies headliner comic Harry Watson, Jr.…also forgotten. 24 of the 30 “Musty” films survive and have been in the collection of the Library of Congress since 1959 but are rarely seen.

The films are hilarious, full of cartoony and surreal settings and slapstick, and have a circus influence.

“Musty Suffer, finding a meal ticket, resolves to take a vacation while eating is free. The café owner, however, discovers Musty’s face does not compare with the photograph on the ticket. Musty goes out to have it altered, thinking less of the face than he does of the meal ticket. He is completely recast in a steel foundry and returns to enjoy the free meals only to find that the restaurant has closed.

Director: Louis Myll
Stars: Harry Watson, Alma Hanlon, H.H. McCullum


Author: Old Boy

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