Don Juan 1926

Don Juan

The famous playboy Don Juan (John Barrymore) grows up believing women only lead a man to ruin, and therefore spends his days treating them as conquests. When the duplicitous Lucrezia Borgia (Estelle Taylor) attempts to ensnare Don Juan, and he rebuffs her advances in order to pursue the virtuous and innocent Adriana della Varnese (Mary Astor), Lucrezia plots to ruin Don Juan’s budding true love by threatening Adriana’s father and manipulating Don Juan toward committing murder.

Director: Alan Crosland
Based on: Don Juan; by Lord Byron
Cinematography: Byron Haskin
Music composed by: William Axt, David Mendoza

John Barrymore as Don Jose de Marana/Don Juan de Marana
Jane Winton as Donna Isobel
John Roche as Leandro
Warner Oland as Cesare Borgia
Estelle Taylor as Lucrezia Borgia
Montagu Love as Count Giano Donati
Josef Swickard as Duke Della Varnese
Willard Louis as Pedrillo
Nigel De Brulier as Marchese Rinaldo
Hedda Hopper as Marchesia Rinaldo
Myrna Loy as Mai, Lady in Waiting
Mary Astor as Adriana della Varnese

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3 thoughts on “Don Juan 1926”

    1. I saw this about two years ago and I must confess my memory dims a little but in short Barrymore is the love em and leave em man who I thought rather overplayed the role as did most of the other actors. Estelle Taylor who plays Lucrezia Borgia was good. Overall I was not excited with the movie.
      When I saw this movie I was having Chemo hence the hazy memory and maybe poor judgement . It is one my rather large list of movies to watch again at some stage!!

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