Husbands or Lovers 1924

Husbands or Lovers

Nju – Eine unverstandene Frau (original title)

The European mentality of this German silent was a bit racy for mainstream American tastes of the era; nevertheless, the images created by director Paul Czinner told this story well. A wife (Elizabeth Bergner) is bored by her overweight slob of a husband (Emil Jannings). She gives in to the temptation of a slickly seductive poet (Conrad Veidt). The cuckolded husband (a common role for Jannings) tries to convince the pair to stop the philandering, but the wife runs off with her lover anyway. ×

Director: Paul Czinner
Writers: Paul Czinner, Ossip Dymow (play)
Stars: Elisabeth Bergner, Emil Jannings, Conrad Veidt


Author: Old Boy

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