Oscar in the Bath 1913

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Oscar in the Bath (Fr. Oscar au bain), 1913, is a French comedy short, directed by Louis Feuillade. Oscar meets a young lady (Violette de Parma) and tries to seduce her. After the first visit, he is trying again to see Violette. Oscar, anxious, arrives too early in the morning. Violette, jokingly, tells the maid to lead him to the bathroom. Oscar hears and …

Directed by Louis Feuillade
Leon Lorin … Oscar
Angele Lerida … Violette de Parma
Produced by Société des Etablissements L. Gaumont

Louis Feuillade (French: [fœjad]; 19 February 1873 – 25 February 1925) was a prolific and prominent French film director from the silent era. Between 1906 and 1924 he directed over 630 films. He is primarily known for the serials Fantômas, Les Vampires and Judex.

Léon Lorin is an actor, known for À Nous la Liberté (1931), Oscar au bain (1913) and The Wooing of the Sales Lady (1914). Angèle Lérida is an actress, known for The Angel of the House (1913), The Curse of Greed (1914) and Oscar au bain (1913).



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