M’Liss 1918

M'Liss 1918

M’Liss is a 1918 in film American silent film directed by Marshall Neilan, written by Frances Marion and based on a Bret Harte’s story. The film was made previously in 1915 and was remade again in 1922 as The Girl Who Ran Wild, starring Gladys Walton. Another M’Liss (1936 film) was released in 1936, starring Anne Shirley (actress).

Mary Pickford – Melissa ‘M’liss’ Smith
Theodore Roberts – John Benson ‘Bummer’ Smith
Thomas Meighan – Charles Gray
Tully Marshall – Judge Joshua McSnagley
Charles Stanton Ogle – Yuba Bill
Monte Blue – Mexican Joe Dominguez
Winifred Greenwood – Clara Peterson
Helen Kelly – Clytemnestra Veronica McSnagley
Val Paul – Jim Peterson
William H. Brown – Sheriff Sandy Waddles
John Burton – Parson Bean
Charles A. Post – Butch Saunders
Guy Oliver – Snakebit Saunders

This Movie is under Public Domain


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