Mademoiselle Midnight 1924

Mademoiselle Midnight

Renée (Mae Murray) is the heiress of a Mexican ranch, granddaughter of a woman known for her recklessness and frivolity at night. This first “Mademoiselle Midnight” is banished in the opening scene by Napoleon III at Empress Eugenie’s insistence to Mexico. Renee is kept locked at the hacienda at night by her father to prevent her following in her grandmother’s wayward footsteps. She falls in love with a visiting American (Monte Blue) but is also pursued by the craven outlaw Manuel Corrales. Miss Murray gets to do some of her trademark dancing, but this one isn’t a comedy, despite comic relief provided by Johnny Arthur.

Initial release: April 14, 1924
Director: Robert Z. Leonard
Production company: Tiffany Pictures
Producer: Robert Z. Leonard
Cast: Mae Murray, Monte Blue
Written by: Carl Harbaugh, John Russell


Author: Old Boy

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