A Tale of Two Cities 1917

A Tale_of_Two_Cities_(1917)_-_2

Unjustly imprisoned within the Bastille, the decrepit Dr. Alexandre Manette (Joseph Swickard) awaits his grim fate. Manette’s daughter, Lucie (Jewel Carmen), now lives in London with her husband, Charles Darnay (William Farnum), an exiled French nobleman. Although it’s dangerous, Darnay returns to France to rescue his father-in-law. Instead, he gets tossed into the Bastille himself, and it’s up to a scoundrel, Sydney Carton (also Farnum), to rescue Darnay out of love for Lucie.

Director: Frank Lloyd
Screenplay: Frank Lloyd
Story by: Charles Dickens
Production company: Fox Film

Stars: William Farnum, Jewel Carmen, Charles Clary



Author: Old Boy

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