King Lear 1910

King Lear is a 1910 Italian silent historical drama film directed by Gerolamo Lo Savio and starring Ermete Novelli, Francesca Bertini and Olga Giannini Novelli. It is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s King Lear. Wikipedia

King Lear decides to divide his kingdom amongst his three daughters. The oldest two daughters fawn insincerely over their father, and get most of his possessions. The youngest daughter, Cordelia, is much less lavish in her displays of affection, and disappoints her father. But events soon lead the old king to find out how each of his daughters really feels about him.
– Written by Snow Leopard
Initial release: December 12, 1910 (Spain)
Director: Gerolamo Lo Savio
Screenplay: Gerolamo Lo Savio
Story by: William Shakespeare
Production company: Film d’Arte Italiana

Stars: Ermete Novelli, Francesca Bertini, Olga Giannini Novelli

Author: Old Boy

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