Outside the Law 1920


Outside the Law is considered to be one of the first psychologically driven films in the gangster genre. It was the second film on which Browning worked with Lon Chaney. The contrasting dual roles Browning wrote for Chaney as a heroic Chinese servant and an evil gangster are considered to have solidified the long-lasting collaboration between the two. Outside the Law is one of only a handful of Browning’s films that is not a horror film. The film has been commended for its strong female lead. In contrast to many films of the period, it generally depicts its Chinese characters favorably, most notably by having characters invested in the Confucian teachings of the teacher character, Chang Lo.
Director: Tod Browning
Producer: Tod Browning
Cinematography: William Fildew
Written by: Tod Browning, Lucien Hubbard

Stars: Priscilla Dean, Wheeler Oakman, Lon Chaney

Author: Old Boy

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