Movies From The Silent Era

A Miner’s Luck 1911

An excerpt from the 1911 Australian film A Miner’s Luck, produced by the Photo Vista Company for Pathe Freres.

A Miner’s Luck tells the story of a miner swindled out of his gold claim. The film, whose director is not credited, makes realistic use of its bush settings. This is one of the very few dramatic films made in Australia before 1913 that survive in a substantially complete form

Surviving reels from this film will screen as part of ‘Cinema’s Golden Summer: The Birth of the Feature Film in Australia and the World, 1910-1913’ at Arc Cinema in Canberra. Sunday 3 March 2013, 2pm.

Featured in the session titled ‘Australian Cinema’s Golden Summer, part 2, which showcased the few precious reels of films that have survived (and some of what’s been lost) from the approximately 100 features films made in Australia to 1913. There will be further readings from original newspaper reviews and other eyewitness accounts, stills and advertising for early, now lost Australian features, plus footage that includes 16 minutes of A Miner’s Luck.

Photo Vista Company
Distributed by Pathe Freres
Release date
Running time
17 mins
Country Australia
Language Silent film
English intertitles